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Menu For Salon Services
Chemical Services
Highlights or Lowlights
With foils - 1st color                                          $75 and up
2nd color additional                                          $20 and up
Partial Highlights or Lowlights
With foils - 1st color                                          $65 and up
2nd color additional                                          $10 and up
Highlight or Lowlight
With cap                                                           $65 and up
Partial Highlight or Lowlight
With cap                                                           $55 and up
Hair Color
Single process color                                         $55 and up
With haircut                                                      $80 and up
Double process color                                  must get quote
Color correction                                          must get quote
Soap cap                                                          $25 and up
Gloss treatment                                                $50 and up
Women                                                             $65 and up
          with haircut                                             $85 and up
Spiral                                                                $90 and up
Men                                                                  $55 and up
           with haircut                                            $75 and up
Relaxer                                                       must get quote
Nail Services
Manicure                                                                       $18
Pedicure                                                                        $25
Manicure & Pedicure                                                    $45
Polish Change                                                              $  5
Polish Change (toes)                                                    $12
French Polish                                                                $  7
French Polish Change                                                  $  7
French Polish on Nails & Toes                                     $10
Nail Repair or length added (per nail)                         $3-5
Cuts and Styling *
Women (18 and older)
Shampoo, condition, massage, blow dry      $40 and up

Men (18 and older)
Shampoo, condition, massage, cut & blow dry                                                                 $30 and up
Children (17 and under)
Haircut                                                           $18 and up
* Prices for haircuts and any chemical services may vary depending on length of hair.
Specialty Services
Shampoo, condition, massage, blow-dry        $30 and up
Updo                                                                $50 and up
Shampoo set                                                   $25 and up
Clarifying shampoo
                      (under dryer)                              $15 and up
Deep condition
                   (under dryer)                                 $25 and up
Beard trim (with haircut)                                    $8 and up
Beard trim (without haircut)                             $10 and up
Neck and bang trim                                    complimentary
Facial (45 minutes)                                                      $40
Facial with mask (60 minutes)                                     $50
Facial Waxing or Tinting
Lip waxing                                                       $10 and up
Eyebrow waxing                                              $15 and up
Eyebrow tinting                                                $15 and up
Entire face waxing                                                       $25
Prices vary depending on stylist.  This menu is an estimate of the prices you could see.  Contact your stylist for their prices.